How I began to “Go With Art “

My name is Natali Cohen ,
The brands’ name – “Coline” – means Cohen-Line.
I born in Russia and when I was 16 years old, I moved to Israel.
I worked for 15 years at the fashion industry, and even experience with several managerial roles.
At 2012 I decided to open a my own shop with my designs:
I started with a Babushka design on the T-shirts , then gradually
I’ve added more haberdashery like: ties, Peter pan collars, Skirts … And my latest creation : TIGHTS!! All of it with an original , special and exceptional printing. From there … I started to “Go With Art ” – Which is my slogan, the way was short 🙂
All of my design are like my babies, I created it after a lot of thoughts and with all my heart and soul .

Its very important for me that my costumers will be satisfied, and therefore  I try to do my best to give the best service I can! So if you have any problem or question please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Hope that you enjoy my shop !
Natali .

Our Team

Natali Cohen
Designer&Shop owner

Cfir Cohen
Site Builder&Promoter


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Our brand is unique , If you like something special we also make Custom designs


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